Finley    03 Jun 2022
 None    Webinar


Donna's ESGI webinar.

Donna Whyte shares that reading is not a set of grade level skills but skills that happen on a continuum. She is often asked: • What is the progression of skills that predict reading success? • Are there “ah ha” skills that show us what our students need most during instruction and intervention with reading? • Can assessments be done that more closely match what each student needs at a particular time? • How do I utilize the assessment to guide my instruction immediately? If these questions are important to you and your students, join Donna as she outlines how to determine what each reader needs, how to address those needs and best practice for skills that are imperative to becoming a reader. Assessments in a SNAP! Hear how teachers recover 400 hours a year using ESGI for their 1:1 assessments and instant data analyses. Try it FREE for 60 days!